The Writing in the Sky!

There is a whole lot of influence going on in the astral with the current planetary transits. The writing is on the wall, take a look at the world around you. This pandemic we are in, covid and the harsh lockdowns are examples of the influences and energies around us. It is imperative that you focus on harnessing these transits and their power over you in a positive and productive light in order to raise your consciousness and reach higher levels of ascension.

In order to do this one must know what influences and control the planets have over your life so that you better understand them. Using this time to raise your vibration and flow with them, you will feel less tug and pull. If you resist them, they will persist until they achieve exactly what they are meant to in your life to help you reach your destiny and soul evolution.

Resistance can take shape in many forms from abrupt and sudden changes to routines and relationships, causing conflicts and chaos in your hole and work, creating challenges and disruptions that will push you to the brink of the edge until there is nothing left to do but to submit to their power and influence over you.

Having an astrology reading gives you the advantage in knowing what is working against you. It allows you to fully understand the lessons your soul is trying to teach you to help you learn what is needed to reach even higher levels of consciousness.

When we reach higher levels of consciousness we are free from the confinement of our own mental prison, we go with the ebb and flow of the rhythm of the universe allowing it to heal and transform you and when you do, everything falls into place peacefully and purposefully.

When we can become one with Source loving and cosmic energy, we unlock our spiritual gifts and our abilities, we can better understand ourselves and others completely and fully, and we connect with the rest of humanity from a place of pure and unconditional love.

Astrology Reading

My astrology reading gives you a clear and accurate understanding of your planetary influences and how they affect all areas in your life, from love and relationships, to career and communication style, as well as your personality, characteristics, desires, fears, challenges, best suited professions, areas needed for healing, areas of growth and so much more. The detailed interpretation includes the deeper understanding of the influences in your chart, as well guidance on how to overcome and/or tap into the planetary powers for maximum benefit in reaching your life lessons and blessings. This reading can be confronting and often exposes our darkest secrets and deepest soul wounds. I offer full support and guidance that extends beyond the conclusion of the reading. Please feel free to contact me for any guidance you my require after purchasing and remember to leave your email address and contact details to avoid delay.


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