Love Language…

How does one define love? What does love mean to you? Love can be described in completely different contexts from person to person, depending on how their views on love were shaped through childhood.

Love is a healthy, positive experience we are supposed to learn from birth, but what exactly does this mean for those who were deprived of love or who adopted a foreign outlook on what love means? The answer is quite simple and yet many rarely consider its validity. Two simple words… LOVE. LANGUAGE!

We all have a love language in which we develop as we go through childhood. Some develop a love language that exists around codependency, while others develop a love language around complete independence. How we perceive the world through our internal lense defines what love means to us individually.

This means that when two adults come together, sometimes their love language can be on completely opposite ends of the chart! This unfortunately results in separation and divorce and the final result is raising children to be broken adults with a distorted understanding of a healthy, easy to understand, love language.

This often makes it’s way into the shadow parts of our reality, even though our shadow is deeply hidden in our shadow self, (see separate post on working with your shadow here), our shadow becomes intrusive and exhibits behaviors that subconsciously push the ones we love away. The moment that our perceptions have been threatened, our defenses will activate, our shadow self comes to lead the army and fully emerge and assume leadership role.

This is where communications breakdown, we barricade ourselves within our inner walls and we have without even realized, allowed our shadow self to take the wheel of our life. Our shadow is our ego, that part of our ego that wants to be in charge, and wants to be leading the pack of wolves ready to prey on anyone who challenges it. Sadly, we often get swept away with the tide of emotion and find ourselves down the track figuring out the dynamics of juggling single parenthood and an unhealed, complicated life.

This is where self awareness is essential on the road to healing, that allows our shadow to step away from the drivers seat, and allow our highest self drive for a while amd steer us back on course. Remember that your husband, wife or spouse will mirror the energy you project into them and it becomes a toxic energy exchange, an energetic war, if you will. If he/she feels excluded from that inner world of love, this will threaten their defenses and they too will activate and employ their shadow to serve and protect, and before you know it, the love language becomes completely foreign to one another.

Practicing unconditional love regardless of the shadow perceptions will allow your significant other to feel validated, heard, recognised and free to think and feel however they like. When this happens, the love language is enhanced and we are better equipped to deal with the challenges that arise in the very first instance.

Love language does not need to be perceived through an individual lense. We all have lenses that are in different shades and that is ok. When we are open about how our love language should be exchanged, we are able to see the world and our relationships with better clarity and insight. This is where true growth and transformation will emerge and the love language becomes the foundation of our relationship.

Relationships Astrology

A relationships astrology reading describes an astrological relationship between two people by comparing their astrology charts and interpreting how their planets communicate with one another. In relationship astrology, the analysis made about the compatibility of two people is based on their astrological aspects and the planetary alignments to one another in the signs and in the houses. My relationship astrology reading will identify the main points of harmony between both individuals and provide great insight on how to over come obstacles and enhance the positive aspects of their union for the evolutionary development of their relationship. Relationship astrology provides the both parties with the advantage of knowing the strengths they can utilize for the soul connection of their relationship, and also allows them to identify the weaknesses they must face in order to minimize the negative imfluences that can deteriorate or diminish their love language. Some relationships unfortunately fall apart prematurely due to the inability to communicate their love languages in a mutually benefiting way. It is through my relationship astrology reading that I will be able to identify the strongest pathways that lead the lovers to intensify their connection, ensuring that it stands the test of time.


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