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Have you ever looked up at the night sky, pondered on the astonishing beauty of the stars and found yourself intensely and emotionally moved by them? Have you felt a deep soul connection to the mysteries above? If so, you’re probably a starseed.

Starseeds are soul-spirit consciousness from an unfathomable accumulation of planets, galaxies and universes and have joined the reincarnation cycle on 3rd dimensional planet earth. These groups of soul-spirit beings that have incarnated in a human body here on earth are referred to as Starseeds.

Starseeds have specific roles and missions based on the law of one to assist from spiritual and energetic oppression. Starseeds made contractual agreements to remedy the consciousness and evolution of Gaia and to experience reincarnation, and to activate their spiritual mission. These missions are varied and interchangeable, and are inherited from the galactic roots of the incarnated starseed.

Starseeds have a connection with the universal source and the infinite galaxies abound, and is something they feel deep down inside like nothing they’ve ever felt before. It’s a knowing that you are from a far away place that is remarkable and undeniable.

The first and most common sign that you’re a Starseed is that you are able to feel and maintain a frequency in which others simply can’t. You’re in tune with Mother Earth and all of creation, and you’ll find wonder and beauty in absolutely everything!

Starseeds have an innate desire to get to know themselves deeply and intimately, there will be synchronicities and signs that will be unmistakable, affirming your galactic mission. There will be a deep yearning in your soul to learn more about hidden galaxies, healing Gaia and her inhabitants, and raising the consciousness of humanity in a collective way. You’ll know, that no matter what happens, your soul is in the drivers seat and you’re a Starseed on a mission!

Once you become awakened to your galactic origin, you’ll unlock the starseed gifts and abilities that are buried within you that will help you on your soul mission. This can take place by a means subtle exchanges of energy with others that will feel… different.

You’ll have a knowing inside of you that will act as an internal navigation system, directing you to press in closer to those who need healing, those who need direction, those who need to awaken to their own galactic missions. Every single exchange you have will be a purposeful and intentional pull. A Starseeds internal compass knows exactly where it needs to be.

Our life and our body in this current timeline is a fragmented part of our oversoul. It is the absolute reality and basis of all existences which are intertwined into many different times and spaces. When we are made aware of our Starseed mission, all of the fragmented pieces of our soul start to come together in an intrinsic way.

When our oversoul is woven back together with the previously forgotten and fragmented parts of self, we see that we are the very essence of beauty, wisdom, power, and virtue. It is the universal spirit that connects us all. The unity of all in spirit and in all of creation!

Some Starseeds are born knowing their Starseed identities and their missions, others are yet to be activated, and others wake up to their mission at a later time. The specific timing and the moment of birth is deliberately orchestrated with specific galactic DNA blueprints. Souls who have agreed to come to Earth find corresponding genetics that fit their Starseed mission.

When a Starseed is called upon to gather the knowledge of their agreements, that is when others around them seem to witness miracles and transformations that is activated by their galactic heritage. Most Starseeds that are truly activated hold an innate optimism about their missions and become loyal to achieving it. Another trait of Starseeds is that they have the ability to rejuvenate their bodies through hun deep meditations and other modes of healing which is felt in vibrational energetic coding to those around them.

Starseeds play a truly significant role in the ascension process and are doing amazing things to help those who are not yet awake to remember their galactic blueprints. Their role in the ascension process is most certainly a mighty task that deserves total recognition and acknowledgment.

“You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Starseed Readings

A full Starseed Astrology reading will provide a detailed report on your galactic roots in this and previous incarnations, your starseed characteristics, starseed mission and starseed abilities, and how to best use them to fulfill your starseed mission! 

I am also offering mini starseed readings to help get you on the right cosmic path at a more affordable price.

The mini reading will confirm your galactic origin and give you a run down on your characteristics and abilities. This is an ideal place to start conducting your own research into your starseed abilities, families and your soul journey. 

Please note: The mini reading will provide current starseed linage and not previous and is not as detailed as the full Starseed Astrology Reading.

Both the full and mini starseed readings will be delivered to your inbox upon checkout.

Full Starseed Astrology Reading


Mini Starseed Astrology Reading


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