Are you a three wave volunteer noted by Dolores Cannon? Find out with a Starseed reading!

Dolores Cannon spoke of starseeds. Are you a Starseed from another planet? A Starseed reading will tell you what your starseed origin is!

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A starseed reading is for those who are a human being with a soul origin from a planet or galaxy. Although their soul is from another galaxy, with a reading you’ll know exactly where!

Just like the late Dolores Cannon stated:

Stop wasting time! Time is growing short for you to do what you came to earth to do”.

Likewise, time is indeed running out to complete our galactic missions.

Yet, everything in your life you have created and you have put there. If you don’t like what is happening, you can change it!

Dolores Cannon
Starseed Reading
Three waves of volunteers
Starseed Readings

Starseeds are brought forth to heal and inspire the human race…

These unique souls come to planet earth with a mission – which varies depending on their galactic origins.

More important than the quest for certainty, is the quest for clarity”.

Francois Gautier

Even more, Starseeds are also a soul-spirit consciousness from an accumulation of planets, galaxies and universes.

On the other hand, they have joined the reincarnation cycle on 3D dimensional planet earth to help and assist Gaia.

In addition, these groups of soul-spirit beings that have incarnated in a human body here on earth, are referred to as “starseeds”.

Together with the knowledge and understanding, we can achieve exactly what it is we came here to do.

In light of the knowledge of our origin, we can not only achieve our purpose in being of service to the human race, we can also grow in faith and love to the divine.

In the event that we walk through life blind to our true soul purpose, we get recycled back into the reincarnation cycle and not mastering the skill of spiritual evolution.

In order to escape the reincarnation cycle, we must again, face our shadows, practice self mastery, walk in faith and confidence that we are all one, and we are each made with a loving intention for a beautiful and divine purpose!

Dolores Cannon
Starseed Reading
Three waves of volunteers
Starseed Readings

Starseed readings interpret starseed missions…

Missions of a starseed are based on the law of one to assist Gaia from spiritual and energetic oppression.

Starseeds, albeit, have made contractual agreements to remedy the evolution of Gaia and to experience reincarnation, and equally, to activate their spiritual mission.

Though our life in this current timeline is a fragmented part of our oversoul, our oversoul is the reality and basis of all of our interwoven existences which are scattered across numerous timelines.

In a similar fashion, time is non-existential when it comes to the reality of our soul nature.

Still, the human existence formed constructs to assist in assigning meaning to things.

In contrast, the human constructs which we formed, separate us from the divine, universal consciousness in which we are created.

Some cultures and belief systems refer to our divine consciousness as being made in the image of God, while others as being directly incarnated from the very essence of God!

Not only is this true, it is also significant and key to knowing that we all share the Christ consciousness in which we all have inherent in our DNA.

Still, the importance of undoing the conditioning we have been subjected to through childhood learning and environments is of paramount importance!

By the same token, time is of essence when it comes to knowing your soul mission and executing it into existence.

Even more, it is the universal spirit of creation that connects us all, the unity of all in spirit and in all of creation which makes us one and all!

Dolores Cannon
Starseed Reading
Three waves of volunteers
Starseed Readings

Will a starseed reading tell you if you are a starseed?


The first and most common sign that you are a starseed is that you have heightened sensory perceptions.

You will be in tune with Mother Earth and you’ll find wonder and beauty in absolutely everything!

Equally, you will be deeply empathic and feel others pain as if it were your own.

Starseeds have an innate desire to get to know themselves deeply and intimately.

There will be synchronicities and signs that will be unmistakable, affirming your galactic mission.

You are a healer and want to heal others around you.

There will be a deep yearning to learn more about galaxies and star systems.

You will want to raise the consciousness of humanity in a collective way.

In contrast, starseeds are quite literally, on a mission!

How does the process unfold?

This can take place by means subtle exchanges of energy with others that will feel… different. Cosmic even!

Despite this, you’ll have a knowing inside of you that will act as an internal navigation system.

You will gravitate to those who need healing, those who lack direction, those who need to awaken to their own galactic missions.

Even though every single exchange you have will be a purposeful and intentional pull, a Starseeds internal compass knows exactly where it needs to be.

Starseeds play a truly significant role in the ascension process and are here to help those who are not yet awake to remember their galactic blueprints.

Although the role of starseeds in the ascension of Gaia is a complex task that deserves recognition and acknowledgment.

“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence”.

Alan Watts

Starseed Reading

A full Starseed Astrology reading will provide a detailed report on your galactic roots.

In addition to understanding your origin, this reading will look at your most recent incarnations, your starseed characteristics, starseed mission, starseed abilities and how to best use them to fulfill your starseed contracts! 

Meanwhile, the mini reading option is for starseeds who want to know their galactic origin without the full interpretation.

In other words, the mini starseed reading option is not as in-depth like the full starseed reading is and there will be an element of research needed for you to do yourself.

To clarify, the mini reading will confirm your current galactic origin and give you a brief run down on your starseed type.

This is an ideal place to start where you’re able to start conducting your own research into your starseed abilities, families and your soul journey. 

Please note:

The mini reading will provide current starseed linage and not previous and is not as detailed as the full Starseed Astrology Reading.

Starseed Reading (Full)


Starseed Reading (Mini)


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