Surrender to Fate


That thing that creeps up on us when we least expect it. When the wheels are turning and we think we’ve finally got our paths mapped out! Fate will come along and rip the carpet from underneath us!

This will often happen as a reminder of the things or people in life that we take for granted, or, the things in which we ignore. Fate will come along to remind us that we have no control over the events in our life if they are predestined.

It’s hard having a blind faith that everything will work out, particularly for those of you who have had it pretty rough. When we face adversity and trial, it hard to remember that no matter how much we try to resist fate, it will persist.

It might be by means of a life changing event, like the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or, the breakdown of a relationship. Whatever the change is no matter how big or small, it serves as a confronting reminder that we must simply surrender to a higher power.

Before we surrender, we go through an inevitable cycle in the constructs of the human mind. First comes shock, then anxiety, worry, fear, anger, sometimes even rage, and we loop around this cycle like shark bait just waiting for someone to save us. Save us from our anguish and our despair.

The only thing that saves us from our turmoil is surrendering to the fate that we are predestined to. It’s not a punishment that we have somehow accrued, it’s merely an event that is needed to put us on track to our destiny.

Some might say, but death is a harsh fate – yes, it is. I’ve known death very well in my life. The death of loved ones, of relationships, the death of some of the inner parts of me that I cherished! But one thing I’ve learnt through my losses is that for every loss is another gain.

Strength doesn’t come from winning! Strength comes from the depths of our despair and from rising like a Phoenix from the ashes! Strength builds character and character builds resilience, and when we are resilient, we are capable of perseverance.

Relationships are hard, life is complicated. We are all just fish swimming around a bowl until we decide to do a Nemo and find our way back home.

Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.”

Eckart Tolle

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