The Kundalini Awakening

There is much discussion amongst Social media groups such as Facebook and Instagram about the kundalini activation process, and with that discussion, there’s also a lot of misinformation too.

Kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy located at the base of the spine in the muladhara, (otherwise known as the root chakra). Kundalini was originally a science study of energy and spiritual philosophy. Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini to western culture and transformed it into the beautiful practice with ancient knowledge and the modern practice that it is today, making it accessible to all.

Kundalini energy is the ultimate life-force energy. It is the source of our creative power, our spiritual gifts, and our divine feminine energy! Divine feminine energy allows the free flow of energy up through the chakras, leading to an expanded state of consciousness.

Kundalini as the power of consciousness, is a psycho-spiritual energy that has enormous power to be a creator and a destroyer. Kundalini is known as many things, the serpent, the life force, the coil and Goddess (to name a few).

The kundalini coils in the base of the spine are connected to the silver cord and to the pineal gland. When the pineal gland receives stimulation of the higher dimensional frequencies, our kundalini begins to activate into the soul and then the process of DNA activation begins.

When this divine energy is awakened, the kundalini uncoils and travels up the sushumna, which is known as the channel that links all chakras together.

Upon the initiation of the inner spark of light in the tailbone, the spark of light must travel up the kundalini track (sushumna), gradually moving up the body’s vertical column to eventually manifest as spirals of plasmic light radiating from out of the heart center.

As the kundalini energy moves up the susbumna, the kundalini activates the chakras and brings powerful new states of consciousness at each level. At times, kundalini also creates havoc in these instances. Kundalini can be very challenging when awakened very suddenly too.

Kundalini activation is a process that can be quite scary and even dangerous to those who do not know enough about it, and, for those who are inexperienced with deeper achievements of meditation, yoga or breathwork. Some psychotherapists have said that kundalini activation can cause a psychotic break to such individuals. This is also common for individuals who have unhealed trauma, and/or difficulty managing stress levels.

Energy work, Chakra work, Reiki, hypnosis, trauma therapy, and shadow work can all trigger an awakening of Kundalini as you are working with an intent dedication to clear all the blockages and dross in the body, which allows for free flow for the kundalini energy to circulate the body and chakras.

The divine energy flow through the chakra centres assist to achieve higher levels of consciousness and until the divine feminine energy finally reaches the Sahasrara (crown chakra), producing an extremely deep and life-changing transformation of consciousness.

There are another 5 chakras located above the Sahasrara, but that’s a blog for another day. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.


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