Astrology: What happens when Mercury retrograde ends?

I’ve had a lot of questions lately asking, “What happens when Mercury retrograde ends”?

The infamous Mercury retrograde has had quite a name this year!

Astrologically speaking, Mercury represents the principles of communication, mentality, thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning.

Indeed, the planet Mercury during retrograde will alter and or/end relationships if they are not serving you well on your soul journey. This also applies to areas of communications such as work, friends and familial relationships where communications are concerned.

Retrogrades are opportunities to reflect on certain areas of our life, and since Mercury is in retrograde in libra, which is ruled by Venus, it’s focus will be on one on one relationships.

This may take shape in many forms. The focus may be on reassessing our partnerships or abruptly ending them. whatever the focus is, you can be sure that it will happen in your highest interests in reaching your soul lessons.

Another thing that is certain is that there will most definitely be communication mishaps. Particularly during the 5th of October and the 10th.

During this time, Mercury will meet Mars (more on this below) which will likely cause the occurrence of intense and fiery exchanges in communications of all kinds!

When these two planets meet at this particular time, it’s important to be wise with our words and not use them as weapons, and with the heat from Mars energy coming into contact with Mercury in communications, it’s best to slow it down and think before you speak.

On October 9th (or thereabouts), the Sun is making a conjunction with Mercury and Mars at 16° Libra! This means that we will have a triple Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction.

While it is not necessarily that rare to have 3 personal planets in the same sign, to have them all meet at the same degree is indeed significant and worthy of mention.

This is because when the Sun meets Mars, there is a recalibration of spirit, the Sun and the principle of action, Mars.

To expand on this, the Sun is the divine purpose and Mars is how we operate within this purpose. Since Mars is heated by the Sun, our renewed intentions may not be realised just yet, but they are well on their way with this astronomical influence.

This month in October, we also have 4 planets resuming direct motion from retrograde, (Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter). Things will become clearer as they make their direct transits as time unfolds and Mercury goes direct, finally bringing clarity.

With the Sun, Mercury and Mars conjunction, this is a very important alignment that not only marks the beginning of the upcoming 116 day Mercury/Sun cycle and 2 year Sun/Mars cycle, but the beginning of a special alignment between the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in itself.

This is super important because when our thoughts (Mercury) align with our intentions (Mars), a very strong and intense manifesting energy is put into action in our lives. We become intentional about what we want to create with clarity and certainty without the retrograde influence.

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