Will Jupiter in Pisces usher in the end of covid-19 vaccine mandates?

Hello to my fellow freedom fighters and astrology lovers.

If you have found yourself reading this blog, it is because you’re searching for some hope that the times we are in will end and we will have some restoration of faith in humanity.

It is with deep love and compassion that I write this for those of us who continue to stand up for truth and freedom! This one is for my fellow Aussie’s who are fighting the good fight, who are struggling to find hope and faith during these very trying times.

We are all facing a massive injustice whilst we are currently under the totalitarian control of our state and federal governments here down under.

The injustices committed to our sovereignty, the dictatorship control over our medical rights to body autonomy, our human rights to provide for our families, the discrimination that has occurred to those of us who have refused to comply with the current covid vaccine mandates.

Please read on to find out more about how, astrologically speaking, these mandates and discriminatory measures pertaining to the covid-19 vaccine mandates occurring here on our soil will likely come to a head and hopefully, end in the coming months.

Jupiter will be in Pisces from Dec. 28, 2021, until May 10, 2022, and for those of you who are currently wondering why our freedoms and our release from these mandates is not happening here just yet, we must first acknowledge the current transit of the great malefic, restrictive and tyrannical Saturn that continues to transit through Aquarius.

This is relevant because, well, Australia was founded beneath an Aquarius Sun! Saturn’s transit to our national Sun is the reason for the ongoing totalitarian control (to put it lightly). Saturn, known as the ‘Lord of Karma’ and ‘Justice’ is considered to be the most malefic planet that brings about restrictions, strongholds and misfortunes. He has the power to bring a significant difference in your personal and professional lives which we have all been deeply affected by on a global scale.

Malefic Saturn

Age of Aquarius 

Jupiter in Pisces
Saturn – Lord of Karma

Saturn has a reputation for being the Lord of Karma and, to put it frankly, for good reason! He shows us the karmic imprint on our DNA as well as the experiences we are meant to have (good and bad) in our lifetime. This entire generation is collectively awakening which is partially thanks to the role that Saturn currently plays in this transit of Aquarius. It represents the challenges we carry from past lifetimes, in which we need to learn from and master in this lifetime. Collectively!

Most have heard of the Age of Aquarius which symbolises the start of a new era, the characteristics of Aquarius transiting the vernal equinox dominate earth’s collective energy. The Age of Aquarius is officially upon us and for many, there’s been a definite shift in energy from 2020 through to 2022 being the ride of a lifetime. There’s no arguing that we have truly lived to witness these remarkable qualities of Aquarius in the awakening of the consciousness of many.

Age of Aquarius 

Jupiter in Pisces 

The Age of Aquarius

My belief according to the aligning of the planets is that the age of Aquarius started on the vernal equinox in March, 2021 in the northern hemisphere, and ever since has transcended upon all nations. A common position expressed by many astrologers, (myself included) sees the Age of Aquarius as that time when humanity takes control of the Earth and its own destiny as its rightful heritage, with the destiny of humanity being the revelation of truth, and, the expansion of consciousness in which many will experience enlightenment.

Scripture also shows us that Jesus was the one who announced the Age of Aquarius and said, “A man will meet you carrying an earthen pitcher of water – follow him into the house where he goes” – (Luke 22:10). Aquarius is symbolised by a human carrying a jug of water, thus making him a water bearer.

Aquarius is known as the water bearer in astrology which represents the gifts of truth and of pure intentions. Aquarius is upfront and does not do any shenanigans or shady business! Aquarius is assertive, analytical, original, seeks unity, a humanitarian and cares for things on an entire world level. There is a deep sense of justice, liberalness and fairness in Aquarius which leads one into alternative lifestyles, campaigning, charity, togetherness, united consciousness and living life on Aquarius terms.

The water bearer

Age of Aquarius 

Jupiter in Pisces 

Covid-19 mandates
The Water Bearer

So, back to Jupiter…

Jupiter, the great benefic, will complete its transit to Pisces on or around the upcoming election here in australia (my personal and astrological prediction is on May 13th, 2022). This is critically important to note as who we vote for in positions of power in the next election is going to be one of the most important decisions we will make as a nation for many generations to come!

My advice to the collective?

When they throw you to the wolves, return leading the pack. Win at all costs. Stand for what is right. Don’t give up. Love deeply. Help one another. Fight for freedom. Be responsible. Hold on to your integrity. Meditate. Connect with others and with spirit. Hold the line. Lead the pride!

Don’t be a sheep who follow the herd into the slaughter house. A lion leads, protects, and is loyal to his pride.

Be. A. Lion!

Lion of Judah 


Jesus is king
A lion demands respect and honour!

Furthermore, please ensure, particularly if you are not really politically minded or have not taken any interest in politics previously (like myself), that you thoroughly research the values and goals of those who are campaigning to govern this country. It is imperative that we choose very wisely. Generations ahead of us are relying on us to stand for what is right and pave the way for the new earth. We can and we will make it beautiful again!

May the love and light of these times touch your hearts and minds, may we stay strong against adversity and be loving and kind, be generous, help others wake up to their truth, including those who have been deeply misled and misguided by those who are in positions power. May we remain humble, above all else, in this war for freedom!

Long live the truth ✌🏻

Kerynn – Astrology, Akashic & Tarot.


Natal Chart Astrology

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