What is self-actualization and how do we get there?

Self-actualization can mean different things depending on who we ask. It is made up on a continuum of our values and our environments throughout life.

Abraham Maslow, a humanistic psychologist describes it as the process of becoming. He was best known for creating the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority, culminating in self-actualization.

Human needs
Spiritual growth
Maslow hierarchy of needs pyramid

Maslow theorized that people will need to satisfy four basic types of needs in their evolving self before they can satisfy a fifth need of self-actualization. He organised these needs into a pyramid in order as follows:

• The lowest stage contains the most basic needs, such as food, water, and shelter.

• The second stage represents safety needs.

• The third includes belonging or relationship needs.

• The fourth stage involves respect or esteem needs, both from the self and others.

• The fifth stage, or the tip of the pyramid, is self-actualization.

While the pyramid model pictured above can provide some general guidance on the path toward self-actualization, it does have some limitations which I would like to point out. For example, many people around the world unfortunately lack adequate food and shelter, while still enjoying and maintaining strong relationships and respecting others in their communities.

This theory would suggest that for those of us who have been born into an environment where their basic needs are not met, they may take a different journey in reaching self-actualization.

Self-actualization does not mean that we strive for perfection or that things will go smoothly in life. You can become self-actualised and still face significant difficulties too. This is where they say the journey is what is important. It’s in the journey that we find the meaning of life and the lessons acquired are what bring us closer to self-actualization.

Generally speaking, self-actualized people can:

• Live independently

• Are grounded and have a deep sense of reality and truth

• Are ok exploring into the unknown

• Have a great depth of compassion and humility

• Enjoy meaningful relationships

• Have a thirst for life

• Can navigate challenges easily

• Focus on the bigger picture

• Have a sense of justice and fairness for all.

It’s critical to remember that self-actualization is a process that happens over a lifetime. Some get there quicker than others and that is ok. It’s the human experience of the journey where the deepest lessons are learned.

Everything in nature evolves and we are in a continuous collective evolution of humanity. As noted by Jason Lincoln Jeffers:

“Non-conformity to the current system of control through peaceful, spiritual revolution, both individually and collectively, is what is needed now if we are going to move beyond the social injustice, oppression, pollution, poverty, famine, and incessant wars that pervade our planet”.

Spiritual growth
Spiritual growth

Knowledge acquired from previous lives is stored in our eternal mind. Sometimes we come into contact with people we have already known and others that we have a sense of belonging to. This is the natural process of the eternal mind which collects and stores our experiences which lead us toward the evolvement of our soul.

Have you ever picked up a hobby or a new skill and it’s as if you already knew it? It’s not a matter of learning, but sometimes, remembering. The eternal mind has a collection of infinite of memories, events, people and lessons that we have collected since the dawn of time.

There are many religions who speak for or against reincarnation. When your avatar dies, you still continue to exist as an eternal mind and your soul will link to a new avatar through physical birth to continue to evolve and grow.

Earth is a school. A training ground. We are all a part of a collective consciousness, a divine mind or the eternal mind. Before coming to the earth school, we chose this as our destination and our training for the sole purpose of our soul to evolve into the universal consciousness. To be one with God. In unity with the eternal mind. This is how we experience existence as multiplicity and self-actualization is a part of the journey.

Not much has changed over time in the evolvement of mankind as we can see that predators still exist (see my previous post) – mostly in the form of power hungry and greedy rulers who want to do everything they can to keep you from evolving on an individual level. This is to prevent the collective evolvement of humanity because they fear your power as a powerful and eternal mind.

Spiritual growth

These rulers do not want you to “wake up” to your true and divine mind because they fear you (us) because we have the power to change EVERYTHING in this world! Always remember that reincarnation is about evolution, and nothing else.

You are an evolving system of energy that is seeking a divine solution to individual and collective growth to become God-like. Life is about growing and seeking knowledge, not to escape existence by binge watching Netflix or wasting your life on negative patterns and an inability to recognise opportunities for growth.

If we continue to try to escape our existence we will simply continue to reincarnate time and time again without climbing the ladder and evolving to the eternal mind. Enjoying the journey to self-actualization brings us fulfilment and harmony so remember to enjoy the ride and learn from the lessons as they reveal themselves to you.

Are you a soul who wants to escape life, or are you a soul who wants to play the game of life and become the very essence of your true and divine soul nature, the eternal mind?

Soon I will write part 2 to this blog: Transcendence.

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Much love and light to you all ✌🏻

Kerynn 🤍

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