Growing up as a child, I felt that I was born in the wrong place and the wrong time and I incessantly looked for a place to call home and for answers to questions that no one could answer. Wise beyond my years, I learned quite young about all things metaphysical and would often find myself gazing at the stars in wonder and amazement. I knew from quite early in life that I was predestined to help guide others who are embarking on a spiritual journey, to find their higher self and to help them discover their soul purpose and destiny!

From around the age of 4 I began to see in the spiritual realms and found it extremely difficult to connect with humans. I felt an immense sensitivity to my surrounding energies and often withdrew as a means for survival. I was longing for a connection that went beyond the physical, and into the depths of the unknown, and as my spiritual awareness grew, so too did my gifts.

I was branded by my peers as “different” and “alien” in school and found I was constantly drawn to those who were in need of healing. My childhood experiences allowed me to delve deeper into my own psyche and fast track my own spiritual growth to be a healer, a teacher and a guide to those who are embarking on their own spiritual awakening.

I have an academic background in social sciences with electives the study of human behavior, as well as in counselling individuals with grief and trauma. I will utilize my spiritual and academic skills within my astrology charts and readings to give you the clearest and most accurate information accessible!

My cosmic abilities are:

•Clairvoyance (seeing)

•Clairsentience (feeling)

•Claircognisance (knowing)

•Clairaudience (hearing)

•Precognition (future events) and

•Psychography (automatic writing). 

Throughout my readings, I will guide you and offer clarity and confidence in your current and future circumstances, and I will provide the spiritual insight needed to light your path.

I will direct my clients and offer spiritual guidance by accessing the Akashic records, connecting with source energy and connecting with the Ascended Masters to help you on your soul journey!

My clients have found my readings to be very healing as well as therapeutic, and have expressed gratitude for the support and connection with me and to themselves. They have enjoyed connecting with someone who is unbiased and skilled to help them with their deepest and innermost personal matters.

Please remember check out the testimonials tab. You can find this by clicking on the menu at the top under “Testimonials” to see what others have to say and offer you the peace of mind that your journey into self is safe and will be nurtured through my guidance.

Love and light to you all my cosmic brothers and sisters 💫

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