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Helping you navigate life’s mysteries…

“Not all those who wander are lost”.

J. R. R. Tolkien.

Growing up as a child and always seeking to know more about the wonders and magic of life, I had a lot of unusual questions about mysteries of and aliens and the afterlife.

Wise beyond my years, I learned quite young about all things spiritual through an inner yearning to find the answers that resonated deeply within my soul. I would spend my time in libraries searching for deeper and hidden knowledge.

From the age of four I began to see in the spiritual realms and found it frightening as i had no one to guide me. I also felt an immense sensitivity to my surrounding energies and often withdrew as a means for survival. 

As I approached my teenage and early adult years, I often found that people who were in need of healing were drawn to me and I, to them. Whether it was for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, I could feel the depths of their pain and the shift as I transferred energy.

My healing journey has been profoundly empowering and has enabled me to help others overcome their own fears and traumas. Throughout my journey and spiritual awakening, I have grown to become a healer, a teacher and a guide to those who are embarking on their own healing journeys and ultimately to their spiritual awakening. 

I have an academic background in social sciences with electives in the study of human behavior, as well as in counselling individuals with grief, trauma and loss.

My spiritual abilities are:

• Clairvoyance (seeing)

• Clairsentience (feeling)

• Claircognisance (knowing)

• Clairaudience (hearing)

• Precognition (future events) and 

• Psychography (channelled writing). 

Throughout my readings, I will guide you and offer clarity to provide you with the spiritual insight needed to light your paths, to understand yourself in more loving ways and to know your life’s purpose.

My guidance is given by casting astrology charts and interpreting your unique alignments, by accessing the Akashic records, connecting with Source Energy and connecting with the Ascended Masters to help you on your soul journey!

My clients have found my readings and mentorship program to be very healing as well as therapeutic, and have expressed much gratitude for helping them to understand themselves and their life purpose 💫

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