This is a photo of Jupiter. My interest in astrology has grown profoundly recently, and has been a spiritual calling that I’ve experienced like no other before (to date).

Jupiter is concerned with thinking, an abstract mind, and higher learning. Jupiter gives a desire for exploration in both a spiritual and intellectual sense.

The planet will look at the world with a sense of optimism. Jupiter is connected with luck and good fortune and for good reason. He is kind and caring.

Jupiter is the teacher of the science of light. Jupiter is a benefic planet, signifier of luck and fortune, and he rules religion, philosophy, spirituality, wealth, and progeny.

He is the ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house, known as the house of spirituality. It is described as the house of philosophy and greater wisdom. Because of Jupiter’s expansive capacities, the house oversees most things that are related with growth, regardless of whether it is education, travel or the communicating thoughts.

All philosophical research and understanding fall under the rulership of this ninth house. It doesn’t matter if one is receiving education through a school or if one is simply expanding their mind alone, all learning and the knowledge that comes with it are matters of the ninth house.

Just like this picture, there’s beauty in the darkness. In the abyss, comes new life. This is the theme of Jupiter. We know dark places and come to see the light in the far distance, marvelling at the beauty from afar, yet, still unattainable by our reach. That is of course until Jupiter makes his transit, shining his light onto us and becoming our teacher, our guide and our light 🤗

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