Psychic readings and Astrology Readings: Unlocking your destiny!

Whether you are a starseed, an empath or are looking to identify your twin flame – A clairvoyant, astrology, past lives and psychic reading such as tarot or the akashic records can help you during your spiritual awakening!

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Of course, there are many ways to begin your spiritual journey, but sometimes we just need a bit of direction.

Indeed, even more so than ever before, now is the time to heed to your spiritual calling!

Which psychic reading and astrology reading is right for me?

Although any of my readings listed below is a useful tool on your journey, astrology is my favourite of all. Read on to find one that suits your needs.

Each reading is outlined below as I offer a range of clairvoyant, psychic, akashic, tarot, twin flame, starseed and astrology readings for those experiencing a spiritual awakening.

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Astrology Readings:

Starseed Reading

Specifically, a starseed reading is the ultimate reading for those who follow the teachings of the late Dolores Cannon.

In fact, to find out your galactic origins, starseed readings will provide you with deep insight to your star family.

Even more, it will also help track your fragmented soul and piece it back together!

Natal Chart Astrology

Another significant tool in spiritual growth is a natal chart astrology reading. Nowadays, this form of astrology is indeed the most popular.

As well as giving you an in depth understanding of your hidden self, what holds you back and your life purpose, similarly, there is so much more to learn from astrology!

Psychic Reading – Karmic Astrology & Past Lives

In addition to natal chart astrology, karmic astrology readings reveal which karmic lessons need to be mastered to remove blockages from your life.

By the same token, karmic astrology reveals how to create abundance and although it may be confronting, it reveals how you can free your soul from past life ties.

Psychic Readings – Predictive Astrology & The Transiting Planets

While life is influenced by the celestial bodies in your chart, predictive astrology readings can help you make big decisions.

That is to say, that by understanding the timing of the celestial transits, we can learn how to overcome any obstacles and make decisions with confidence.

Psychic ReadingTwin Flames

Just like my other astrology readings, twin flame astrology can confirm a twin flame relationship.

In a similar fashion, it can help them understand what challenges, strengths and obstacles they have and help them to unite on an even deeper level.

Asteroid AstrologyKnowing your psychic gifts

Because the celestial bodies have such an influence over us, Asteroid goddess readings are beneficial for individuals who want to know exactly what their gifts are.

Since these readings show us what our gifts are how to best utilise our abilities, we can create a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

With this in mind this, type of reading can help you excel at achieving starseed missions and accomplishing more in regards to your soul journey,

Psychic Readings:

Psychic Akashic Records Reading

Even though the term ‘akashic records’ hasn’t been around for all that long, they have been around since the dawn of time! Akashic records have been known in various cultures.

Akashic readings will give you access to your own akashic records and help you pave the way for a life you want to create.

Furthermore, the akashic records hold the blue print to your soul and help to gain insights to your souls blueprint.

Psychic Tarot / Oracle Cards

In summary, Tarot and oracle readings will give you the hidden insight and guidance to understanding the past, present and the future. This usually covers a timeline of 0-12 months.

Additionally, tarot can be used for all of life’s challenges and decisions for quick answers.

To clarify, tarot is quick and simple and can give you direction with difficult decisions about love, life or career changes.

Psychic Angel Readings

Considering that there are angels who guide and protect us, angel readings help you to connect to your guardians and to hear their messages clearly!

As a result, during your angel connections reading I will relay any messages your angels have for you.

Psychic Reading – Dream Interpretations

Further to my other services, dream interpretation readings can help you decipher hidden meanings and dream symbology!

Ultimately, interpreting our dreams reveals what is hidden deep within our subconscious mind, and helps us to understand hidden meanings.

Another important note is that dream journalling can help you see reoccurring dreams and symbology.

Psychic Reading & Spiritual Guidance:

Psychic Reading & Spiritual Mentorship

As for my mentorship program, this is crafted to your specific needs.

Considering the many paths we walk in our spiritual growth journey, a mentorship program can be catered for all areas of spiritual or personal growth.

To put it briefly, this can help you to heal wounds, as well as freeing your inner child and release any self-sabotaging beliefs.

In other words, living a spiritual life that creates opportunity for growth and enlightenment.

As a side note, for more information on the clair gifts that I use throughout my readings, please follow this link.

Needless to say, the feedback speaks for itself! Book yours today to start your journey.

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