Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The Scorpio lunar eclipse will bring a shake and break to all things that no longer serve us. This includes habits, ways of thinking, relationships and outdated modalities that prevent us from listening to our call. This lunar eclipse will bring with it profound healing and purging that is not for the faint of heart!

Mercury Retrograde

How will Mercury retrograde play out over the coming weeks? From May 10th - July 2nd 2022 Mercury will bring about challenges that will bring even more into awareness. Read for more information of a timeline of the energies it will bring over the coming weeks.

Pluto Direct

Many people have been absolutely rocked by the dwarf sized planet - Pluto which packs quite a mighty punch! Pluto - The God of the underworld is all about darkness, mystery, death, transformation and rebirth! Pluto asks us to look at our shadows, our negative beliefs, behaviours and our psychological wounds in order to tap …