Astrology, Akashic & Tarot Testimonials

Astrology, Akashic & Tarot has been awarded 6th place in the top 10 astrology blogs and websites in 2021!

What an achievment in such a short space of time!

Below you will find the testimonies from my clients which offer peace of mind for the accuracy and detail provided in my astrology, tarot and akashic readings.

Astrology Readings
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I really love the work you have done on me! your energy is amazing and powerful and beautiful thank you so much for what you did for me! She took me to a place I’ve never been before 😃 What an experience! Book a balance and healing with her



“Kerynn gave me my very first Tarot reading and it was amazing! Not only was she very responsive, she was extremely generous and very accurate. It’s obvious that she loves her work and is very dedicated in giving the best reading. I wasn’t sure what was for me, what reading I wanted or needed and I left it up to Kerynn to decide for me. I told her whatever she felt was needed that I’m open to. She did amazing! She gave me exactly what I needed!! Definitely love the connection here!”



“Kerynn, you are amazing!! I can’t thank you enough for your starseed reading!! It was soo interesting and very detailed and although I needed some help to understand some of it, you seriously went above and beyond to help clarify. Thank you for listening to me, clarifying with me and supporting me through this reading. I truly appreciate it!! I would very highly recommend this beautiful woman and will absolutely be back for more readings. Thank you again, sending much love and light!!”



“So much clarity and a sense of peace after tonight’s readings from Kerynn 🤍 I feel like I no longer have the why questions but more answers 🙏🏻 very grateful thank you Kerynn.”



“Kerynn, you are AMAZING! I am blown away about how indepth the starseed report was. And you were spot on with so many things. I will continue to study my report and incorporate the suggestions you gave me. I will be in touch with you soon. As I stated yesterday, you are gifted and thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. 🧡💚❤💛”



“Last night I had a starseed reading 👽 by Kerynn. It was really interesting & made a lot of sense. It’s been an exciting day watching videos & reading about my ancestors. Kerynn is really lovely. I highly recommend a reading from her 😊🥰”



“Thank you Kerynn for an amazing astrology chart reading! She gave so much information that I will hold onto forever! I wouldn’t have known any of this information without her. I really appreciate how kind and responsive she is to any questions I had. I look forward to booking more readings with her. I am so glad I have crossed paths with someone so thoughtful and helpful! 💕💗”



“Thank you very very much for my oracle reading. ALL OF IT makes perfect sense to me. I cant wait to read the starseed report you’re doing for me. You are quite gifted and I appreciate you sharing your gift with me.”



“I have literally read your reading 4 times and have so many tears (good ones)! Thank you. You’re a beautiful, kind hearted person and always so kind. Thank you.“



“Thank you for the opportunity Kerynn. Amazing astrology reading!!”


Rachel C:

“Omg! Like how do you even know these things from looking at an astrology chart?? Amazing! She knew about events that happened years ago! The astrology reading she gave told me soooo much about myself that I have known for a while now that I need to address. With her help and guidance I feel confident in making the necessary changes to help me finally heal! I can’t thank you enough! This girl needs 10 stars!”



Cannot recommend enough! Kerynn is very in tune with her intuition and abilities. She seems to know things that I thought I’d blocked out. The support given after her astrology reading is worth more than what it costs. I’d happily pay for another reading again. Thank you.”



“Although I wish to remain anonymous, I want the world to know how accurate Kerynn is at reading for people! She knew things about me I’ve never told a soul! A bit scary really that she knows these things about me somehow but in a good way. I’m so moved and blown away by this reading. Thank you for being a light unto us all ☺️☺️“



Hi! Thank you for such a wonderful reading. You are amazing! Everything resonated with me and I feel so glad that my future looks bright! I will definitely refer you to any one!!! Your reading has really confirmed I am on the correct path! And I think I will book the natal chart reading with you today!


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